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What is iTunes anyway?

iTunes is one of Apple’s many successful branches and is one of today’s most popular music libraries. Customers are not only able to buy their favorite songs, but they can also purchase music videos, movies, and even various apple products such as iPods and gift cards. iTunes uses the purchases of songs and albums in a ranking system to show visitors of the website what is popular.

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iTunes isn’t just for the individual. Users are able to share their favorite music and playlists with their friends and sync up different Apple devices to their iTunes accounts. This program is also a great way to keep your music well organized. You can sort by various categories such as genre, albums, artist, and even by alphabetical order. iTunes has taken the world of music by storm to make listening to your favorite artists more social and organized.

How Can I Get Free iTunes Related Stuff?

While opening an iTunes account and having a library available is completely free, the cost to actually purchase various forms of media can add up.

    Various iTunes cost examples include:

  • Single Song: .99 to $1.29
  • Music Videos and Movies: .99 to $3.99
  • Gift Cards: $10.00 and up

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